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About Font Viewer

Font Viewer is a simple program to view TrueType and OpenType Fonts on your computer. This program was made for people who design things and would like to see what their text would look like in many font styles and colors.

Main Features

  • Change Size of Font List and Preview Text
  • View Text in Regular, Italic, Bold
  • Save Preview Text As RTF File
  • Resizable Splitter Windows
  • Preview Editor Font and Background Colors
  • Ascii Key Code's and Insert Key Codes
  • Copy & Paste in Editor, and RTF format into/from Word
  • Insert Images and RTF Text from External Programs by Clipboard

Save As RTF File

Save As RTF File

To Save the Preview Text and images to an RTF File, simply click button or select the "Save As RTF File" menu. Save the file anywhere you want with any name you want. NOTE: You cannot open this file within FontViewer, but you can open it in any program (like MS Word) that supports RTF. This "save as" function is basically an export feature to use in other ways or even print.

Changing Font Sizes

Changing Font Sizes

To change the font size of either the Font List or Preview Editor; simply choose a font size from the drop-down list. Both windows will change automatically.

Previewe Editor Toolbar

The Preview Toolbar

The buttons above are for handling the Preview Editor functions. You can insert the default Ascii character set, clear the editor, make the text in the editor "Regular", "Italics" or "Bold"; and you can set the font color of selected text, or the color for all the text; and set the background color of the editor.

The Preview Editor

NOTE: The purpose of this program is to preview your desired text. This is not intended to be a word processor, so many word processor functions are not available. However, if you play with the content inside the editor, there are some familar built-in things you can do that some RTF Editors do; such as drag & drop, insert images and text from other programs.

Previewe Editor

Edit Your Own Text
You can edit and preview any text in the editor and view it in the font style you like. Simply select all the text or click the "Clear Editor" button and then type or paste your own text in.

You can also cut, copy and paste, either using your keyboard shortcuts, the "Edit" menu, or right-clicking in the editor window to bring up a pop-menu. You can also copy and paste any text you highlight (select) using the font style itself. You can either paste back into the editor (even viewing as a different font - yet maintaining the copied font style) or paste it into a programs that can accept formatted RTF text, such as Microsoft Word.

Pasting Images
You can paste any image (png, jpg, gif and others) into the editor. However, it will only be at the original size; you can't resize the image. This feature is only for situations when you have an image of a font you are trying to find and inserting in the window is easier than poping back and forth to another screen.

Pasting Rich Formatted Text
You can paste any RTF formatted text into the editor. This feature is for those times you want to copy one style of text, change the font on the left and then paste the formatted text witin the editor. Because the Font List on the left is the only way to change the editor font (because you can't do it per selected text, i.e like Word), you have to copy and paste it after selecting another font. It could look like this...

Previewe Editor

Using Ascii Key Codes

Most all Windows programs can use Ascii Key Codes. You retrieve these key codes by pressing ALT+0+KEYCODE on your keyboard. Or, you can use this program to insert the Key Code into the Preview Editor and then just copy and paste into your application.

Ascii Key Codes

To Use: Simply find the character you want from the list on the right window. Either select it to display the Key Code number (bottom right corner); or just double-click on the character to insert it into the preview editor. There, you can also copy and paste it into your other program.

Tech Support

If you have any problems with our software, please contact us and let us know. We have limitations on our support for questions on how to use the software; we may or may not respond to those questions.

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